McJunkin at the Siege of the Star Fort at Ninety-Six

When they arrived at the ferry on the Saluda River they heard of a skirmish that had recently occurred up that river, and soon a detachment of Greene's army came in sight.  The paroled prisoners were taken by this party to Gen. Greene.  Upon consultation and advice from Col. Brandon, they turned back with Greene's army and remained with it until near the time the siege was raised.  They then got an opportunity and returned to their several homes.

Major McJunkin having been disabled so as to disqualify him for the active and arduous duties of the army, had no share in the great events of the subsequent part of that campaign in South Carolina, but participated in such measures as were necessary to protect the persons and property of the Whig population from the aggressions of the Tories until the close of the war.

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